Engineering Services

Beton - An Engineering Company

We strife to provide safe and cost-effective "form" for all types of structures, as well as helping the people carrying out the work with the provision of suitable equipment for their safety in doing this.


Product Development

Simple, robust and safe components suitable for the construction site are only developed through the cooperation of specialists from R+D, manufacture and construction practice.


Special Construction

Most of all formwork tasks can be solved with the wide range of industry appliances. Our engineers can employ their knowledge and know-how in working with special construction projects, even on a large and complicated project.


Customer Consultancy and formwork planing

Our engineers work together with the customer. Together with the contract management or the planning office they seek out the best sequence for the formwork and use their know-how for a positive construction site result.


The application engineeris

They refer to tested solutions from their wealth of experience or from data storage. Their creativity is demanded time and time again for the diversity of construction site requirements. Project drawings with formwork solutions stored in central archives and is accessible to all offices nationwide.


Static Calculations

Based on the given data from the drawing structure, we will make assembly drawing complete with the static calculations, working method, and the time schedule needed to complete the tasks, to be proposed to our customer. We prioritize the safety and stability in our calculations for every kind of projects.

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Specialist Formwork Solutions